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Operations Excellence

Most organizations recognize the need for continuous improvement. Making that improvement happen is another story. We work with organizations to achieve operational excellence by working side by side with our clients to rethink how work is done. Together, we can dramatically improve customer service, cut operational costs, increase revenue, and do more with less.
Operating at the intersection of business and technology, we dissect, analyze, and recommend changes to critical operational processes. As a result, organizations become more productive and better equipped to operate. Our clients maximize business value both internally and for their customers and causes.

technology operations

Emerging Solutions

It is imperative that our clients stay ahead of industry disruptors that may negatively impact their goals. The AEON commitment to innovation has inspired our clients and employees. For example, we have started new companies, helped clients with pre-acquisition thinking, and developed new practice and specialization areas—all with a focus of capitalizing on innovation and disruption opportunities. We test and appropriately embrace cutting-edge thinking and technologies and develop innovative solutions.

Technology & Software Selection

What is the right combination of the various commercial and open source options to build your next generation technology platform? What is the best cloud-based offering to meet your particular business needs? How do you know if the software company selling the product is communicating the facts as they are today or as they hope they will be once you buy the product? There are a hundred other questions that wisdom tells us we should seek clarity on before making a decision. We work with our clients to discern the right technology solution for their specific scenario, then rally their team around the best technology decision. We manage software vendor responses and negotiations to get the best possible price for the technology purchase.

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